DASH Diet Breakfasts for the week of 1/28/18 – 2/3/18


Baked Eggs with Broccoli & Ecuadorian Fresh Cheese
Small dollops of sour cream added an extra dimension to the baked eggs with plenty of broccoli and cubed Ecuadorian fresh cheese, which browned nicely in the oven. I had some “unused” dairy servings in the week’s DASH diet goals, so I was happy to add the sour cream to this tasty breakfast.

Coffee milk, baked eggs with broccoli, Ecuadorian cheese & sour cream, oat toast with butter, apple, coffee

I’m loving the cobblestone look of the Ecuadorian cheese pieces!


Lotus Seed Steamed Bun & Cashew Chicken Eggs
A Chinese-ish DASH diet breakfast! Lotus seed paste steamed buns and cashew chicken eggs with green pepper. A bit of a sugar overdose, but it was tasty and different.

Coffee milk, lotus seed paste steamed bun, cashew chicken eggs with green pepper & scallion, pear, coffee

With lotus seed paste steamed buns, we checked the “something different” box this morning! I made the scrambled eggs a bit “Chinese” by adding a small amount of leftover cashew chicken pieces to the mix.


Coffee milk, scrambled eggs w/ green pepper, mushrooms & Ecuadorian cheese, multigrain raisin toast w/ butter, coffee


Mushroom & Eggplant Phyllo Pie Breakfast
We shared phyllo pies from a local bakery for breakfast: One stuffed with mushrooms and the other with eggplant. To round out the DASH diet breakfast, I added a broccoli and egg salad. Yum!

Coffee milk, eggplant & mushroom phyllo pies, broccoli & egg salad, tangerine, coffee

Another “change of pace” breakfast. The phyllo pies came from a local Mediterranean grocer. The caramelized eggplant and mushrooms were pretty tasty, but they were rather oily. I’m not sure if I’ll get these again.


Coffee milk, mushroom & cilantro scrambled eggs with chile morita, ½ whole wheat pita, strawberries, coffee

The chile morita made the mushroom scrambled eggs SO amazingly smoky. That was a win! I was on the fence about whether to have an entire pita or share one with Hubby, and went with the latter. Apparently this was not a good idea, as I got hungry before lunch and had half a bagel (courtesy of work kitchen).


Coffee milk, pork & napa cabbage steamed bun, Greek yogurt with soy bean powder (kinako) & black sugar syrup, strawberries, coffee

Breaking my “no additional sugars for breakfast” rule of thumb here, as I couldn’t think of anything else to go with the pork steamed buns. Hmm.


Coffee milk, scrambled eggs with chorizo, spring onion & long hot peppers, baguette with butter & plum jam, strawberries, coffee

Breaking my “no additional sugars for breakfast” rule of thumb here. Again. I think it’s because my palate is somewhat desensitized by the cold I have–the flavor I can taste the most is the sweetness, while others are kind of dim and distant. Hence I want something sweet more than usual. I hear this is what happens in old age, too. Hmm.

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