DASH Diet Breakfasts for 2/4/18 – 2/10/18

It was a week of solid scrambled eggs! I tried to introduce variation through mix-ins and the bread/pastry component, but it was still a bit on the “same thing every day” side. I need to mix things up a bit more on the protein part of our DASH diet breakfasts!


Tomato Tikka Scrambled Eggs
Leftover gravy from chicken tikka masala makes a fantastic scrambled egg base with a spicy, sweet and creamy goodness. I added grape tomatoes and spring onions to get some vegetables in for a hearty DASH diet breakfast.

Coffee milk, grape tomato tikka scrambled eggs w/ scallion, baguette with butter & apple butter, pear, coffee

I used the leftover gravy from chicken tikka masala to season the eggs. The cream in the tikka masala made the eggs extra rich and moist. Yum!

Being under the weather, I wanted something sweet and soothing on my baguette, so I topped it with cinnamon-spiced apple butter. Not something I do all the time, but it was pretty tasty.


Coffee milk, scrambled eggs with Ecuadorian cheese, spring onion & gray squash, oat toast with PB, apple, coffee


Coffee milk, scrambled eggs with shishito, ground beef & ginger, multigrain raisin bread w/ butter, apple & strawberries, coffee


Coffee milk, scrambled eggs with cabbage & cheese, toast w/ butter, grapefruit, coffee


Mushroom Quiche & Quiche Lorraine
Two quiche for a busy morning I had to be at work early. Quiche wouldn’t be a regular on my DASH diet breakfast table (too much cream, I suspect), but this was a nice change of pace.

Coffee milk, quiche Lorraine, baby kale, pear & strawberries, coffee

I was shifting my work hours by an hour on Thursday and needed a quick, “put it on the plate and eat it” breakfast. I picked up quiche slices the night before. That worked out well.

Hubby had a mushroom goat cheese quiche and reported that mine was better. Oh well.



Very Green Eggs in Production
The making of the very green eggs (gray squash, baby kale and dill) for DASH diet breakfast. I added some dollops of sour cream for fun.

Coffee milk, very green eggs (gray squash, baby kale, dill), sourdough toast with butter, apple, coffee

I saw someone’s photo of a scrambled egg that was far more green mix-ins than yellow egg, and wanted to try making it. My version with the green veggies I found in the fridge was alright, but not quite right. Maybe a bit of garlic–just something to liven it up–might improve it…



Sweet Potato Pastry Breakfast
Sweet potato pastry and spinach-red pepper scrambled eggs for breakfast. The pastry probably accounted for my entire day’s worth of sugar budget on DASH diet.

Coffee milk, sweet potato pastry, scrambled eggs with spinach & red pepper, apple, coffee

This was a now-rare breakfast with a sweet pastry. The sweet potato pastry comes from Paris Baguette, a Korean bakery chain in NYC. I used to be head over heels with this pastry, but the last couple I had have been not as stellar. 🙁 I still enjoyed it, though!

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